During this step, parts undergo a series of very important treatments in order to obtain high quality technical and aesthetic results.

These specific treatments allow a perfect adherence of the paint on the basic material and increase the already its high corrosion-resistance.

Cataphoresis coating


This kind of coating has a very high penetration capacity and allow the painting of complexly shaped items by granting complete coating of surfaces as well as thickness uniformity. The cataphoresis coating contains a low level of solvents, so to be considered a very low environmental impact treatment.


The choice of products used during the first two steps is the result of constant research and selection, to improve every day the quality of finished products and to minimize the environmental impact in accordance with the current regulations.

Rinse in demineralized water


Parts are effected by numerous rinses in demineralized water during the above-mentioned treatments.

These washings are constantly fed with clean water, coming from the demineralization plant.

The “dirty” water is collected in a tank, then sucked in and passed back into the demineralization plant so to be cleaned and put back into rinse tanks.

This closed-loop process allows us to minimize water consumption and keep it constantly clean during all rinsing steps.

Drying and polymerization


During this step, the coating is dried and subsequently “cooked” allowing the resin to polymerize and then have all the technical characteristics of hardness, transparency, etc.


plays an

important role

by carrying out:

Coating and pre-treatment analysis, to keep in full efficiency the products involved in the High Coat process.

Tests on produced items, to check the production quality continuously. These tests are carried out following the internal control instructions, which refer to UNI norms.

Recording of analysis and tests results

Research and selection of new products and technologies to improve the coating quality and decrease the environmental impact.