ALMAR SPA is one of the most complete handles manufacturers on the market, having inside it the management of the whole production cycle, from die-casting to packaging of product.

Almar handles and accessories, made with highly automated systems, but remaining consistent with the handcrafted competence concerning finishing, have reached very high quality standards exceeding by 5 times the rigorous tests of the relevant norm EN 1906 carried out by certified institutions.


The strong skills in technological field, thanks to the important inner technical department, has allowed Almar to be a leader in the development of technological, innovative and patented assembling systems.

Almar also developed advanced technologies of access control, a strategic theme for the near future, in partnership with a specialized German company.


Almar has always operated in the various markets with distributors partners, focusing mainly on production.

This has allowed the company to be always effective and proactive about the need of single market.


The company has always guaranteed its partners the direct availability of materials, too, as for what concerns stainless steel, which is more and more required in prescriptions and international projects, with an external production plant for the realization of the half-finished products, subsequently finished in the inner departments of Almar.