ABACO® is the first and only one thin film anti-bacterial coatings applied with PVD technology, which combines the advantages of strength, durability and beauty of PVD with an assured nanotechnology providing exceptional antibacterial properties.


Thanks to the innovative production processes, ABACO® is able not only to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria in only 5 minutes but also to eliminate them. The anti-bacterial and bactericidal properties of ABACO® are tested by laboratory tests at the University of Brescia (Italy) and University of Navarra (Spain).


The test of scientific validation on ABACO® coating were carried out according to the reference standard JIS Z 2801 / A12012, which is the most rigorous and widely norm applied by scientific community.


The effectiveness of the coating ABACO® has been tested against the bacteria of the strains Escherichia Coli (Gram negative), Staphylococcus Aureus (Gram positive), Salmonella, Bacillus subtilis and Candida albicans, all belonging to the families of most prevalent bacteria and responsible for many contact-infections, with excellent results both on just produced samples as well as on products that had followed an extended period of use.


Thanks to its high anti-bacterial quality, ABACO® is the perfect solution for objects, which daily undergo human contact, such as handles and accessories for doors and windows.


The anti-bacterial action continues throughout the active life of the object and improves over time, due to the physical properties of the coating.

Antibacterial behavioural properties

Bactericide properties Gold
before and after use
Bactericide properties
Stainless Steel before and after use

PVD ABACO Coating can be realized in different colors, granting its anti-bacterial properties: Stainless steel, Gold, Grey seven, Gun metal, Copper bronze.


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