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Our success has been determined by fundamental steps taken mainly in technology related to manufacturing anticipating, in most cases, the needs of the marketplace

We speak about:


The ALMAR exclusive process for the protection of brass surfaces.
This process is rarely used in our industry because of the high levels of investment and expertise necessary. HIGH COAT gives our products enviable characteristics of quality and durability.
The process has a minimal impact on the environment and it is in full conformity of the international regulations and standards.

It’s a mounting system designed with the installer in mind.
The system is designed for doors ranging from 38 to 42 mm thickness with a center to center at 38mm, and roses of 55mm. It is based on the utilization of the VARIOSTAR SYSTEM.
The installation is quick and easy.

A mounting system designed for the USA market that has totally changed the traditional methods and headaches.
PRONTOUSA incorporates the spindle into the lever making installation simple and error free.

Our exclusive half-moon design in our privacy pin and privacy rose eliminates the possibility for the pin to ever come loose and fall off safeguarding the reliability of the locking system in time.

A totally integrated system for levers assisted by an auxiliary spring.
In the past it has been very difficult to combine or interchange these types of products because they were fixed to a long escutcheon or rose.
Our system solves these challenges rendering the products easily interchangeable, hence expanding its range and dramatically reducing stock volumes and inventory costs.
The VARIOSTAR SYSTEM in built with high resistance materials and with the incorporating of the spring grants precise tolerances, eliminates wobbling, allows for the lever to return to a perfectly horizontal position and gives the end user an easy installation.

Generally known as PVD (physical vapor deposition) everybody talks about it, everybody tries to do it, we make it in our own facility and guarantee it.

The Protec Finish is a surface treatment applied in a vacuum using elements combined through the use of gases and ionised metals.
In the last few years this finish has become more and more important in the marketplace In order to combat atmospheric and man made elements.
ALMAR is very proud to have dedicated a specific facility to this process and of having spent many years and resources in the development of the technology (our own) and the process.

The characteristics of a surface treated with the Protec Finish are:
• Twice the strength of chrome with extremely elevated resistance to corrosion (IIV 2500/3000 Vickers).
• Over 2,000 hours of saline fog without surface alterations (ISO 9227 ASTMB DIN50021).
• Unlimited resistance to muriatic acid.
• Unlimited resistance to solvents (test conducted with MKF=Metiletilchetone).
• Unlimited resistance to products used for surface cleaning including specific anti-lime products.
• Over 2,400 hours of exposure to heat and light without alterations (UNI9397).

Advantages of the PROTEC FINISH
• The resistance of the surface to abrasion is unlimited
• The colour is unaltered
• The hardware is not damaged by paint, degreasing acids or solvents
• Our finish is truly unbreakable
• The finish is the only and true answer available in today’s market against corrosion caused by atmospheric or man made elements.

We give the market what it wants.
We follow the trends rather then impose our own.
We produce a large range of mounting systems.
Everything that we do is based on precise tolerances. We have levers to suit every taste, keyholes and center to center distances studied for every application; and levers with and without spring.

We study our distributor’s packaging needs.
We assist our customers in promotions, as well as studying and developing presentation systems to assist in the sale of the finished products.

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